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Eureka 4870 Clearing Clogs, & Suction Guide

It is common for vacuums to get clogged or lose suction. Sometimes it can be larger objects, paper, wrappers, or leaves. Typically, clearing out these blockages doesn't take more than a couple minutes. Here is a quick guide of places to check on your Eureka 4870 Ultra-Smart Upright Vacuum for clogs and blockages.

Step 1. Move hose/floor valve (A) to hose position.
Step 2. Remove hose (B) and check suction at end of hose - if little or no suction, check disposable dust bag and filters. Change if needed.
Step 3. Turn "quarter-turn" fastener (C) to unlock to check large base hose coming from hood.
Step 4. Lift latch (D)
Step 5. Pull small clear tube (E) down and away from the Eureka 4870 Ultra-Smart Vacuum body.
Step 6. At hose/clear tube connection, rotate twist lock (F) to release tube.
Step 7. Check for blockages in the now open tubing systems.
Step 8. Remove large clear tube (G) by swinging back and pulling down and away from Eureka 4870 Body.
Step 9. At large hose/clear tube connection, rotate twist lock (H) to release the tube.
Step 10. Check for blockages in both clear tube (E/G) and both hoses.

Once these steps are completed and the blockage is found and removed, follow these steps in reverse order to reattach the clear tube assemblies. If you cannot locate the source of the blockage, or cannot remove the blockage, please contact us and one of our vacuum technicians would be happy to assist you over the phone.

To see all the replacement parts associated with your Eureka 4870 Ultra-Smart machine, follow the link below for an in-depth diagram and parts list.