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Dyson DC14 Common Repairs and Maintenance guide.

Dyson Vacuum systems are well-built machines, but like any machine maintenance and some repairs will be required to make sure it lasts long into the future. All vacuums have dirty jobs, so taking time to clean your machines will keep them running efficiently and effectively.

My Dyson Lost Suction - Check for Blockages.

1. Check Tools

If your tools have lost suction
inspect them for blockages
before next steps.

2. Check Wand & Hose

Remove the wand (A) by using
the hose release button and
sliding the hose off the wand (B).
Inspect for blockages.

3. Check U-Bends

Tilt the DC14 forward and pull
out the U-Bend (C) and inspect.
Check airway (D) for blockages
as well.
Contact VacPartsWarehouse Customer Assistance
Contact VacPartsWarehouse
if the problem persists.

Brushroll not spinning - Cleaning the Brushroll

Overly congested brushrolls can cause a host of issues with any vacuum cleaning system. Without proper care, fibers, hairs, and other items may clog the bearings and cause irreparable damage to your brushroll. This could also lead to clutch and belt issues as well. Be sure to inspect your brush regularly.

1. Remove the Soleplate

Use a coin or a screwdriver to
remove the soleplate to access
the brushroll.

2. Clean the Brushroll

Clean fibers, hairs, strings, and
other congestion from your
brushroll using scissors.

3. Re-attach the Soleplate

Align the tabs on the soleplate
with the brushbar housing to
re-attach correctly.

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