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Dyson DC40 Suction Loss and Blockages Repair Guide

Like every vacuum, Dysons can get clogs too. This is a quick guide of normal places to check for clogs and blockages. If you are still having issues with loss of suction or clogs, contact us and we'll help you diagnose the problem and recommend products to get your machine running like new again.

1. Remove the Cleaner Head.
Remove the Red "C Clip" to loosen
cleaner head assembly. Remove Cleaner
head assembly by pulling forward.
2. Visually Inspect for Blockages.
Inspect these locations for typical clogs
or blockages that will reduce suction in
your DC40.
3. Visually Inspect for Blockages.
Check the screen under the cyclone
assembly for excess fibers or dust. These
can restrict air flow in your machine.
4. Inspect Back Hosing for Clogs.
Open and inspect the back hose tube
for blockages.
Contact VacPartsWarehouse Customer Supoprt.
5. Remove Excess Fiber From Brush.
Remove any excess fibers, hair, or
congestion from the brushroll. Over time,
your brush roll can bearings can overheat
and need to be replaced. Regular maint.
will increase the life of your DC40 and
associated parts.

Some of the parts associated with this guide are listed below. If you have more parts needs, or if you have any questions regarding fixing your Dyson DC40, contact us.