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Valves - Regular Super Valves Kickplates
Universal valves have no direct electric connection for Powered Cleaner Heads more info
Super Valves have a Direct Electrical Connection for Powered Cleaner Heads. more info
Kick Plates sit floor level to allow for easy floor sweeping into your Central Vacuum system. more info

Inlet Valve Information:

Inlet valves (wall inlets, inlets, valves, etc) connect your vacuum hose to the rest of your central vacuum system. There are three main different types of wall inlet, Regular Valves, Super Valves, and Kickplates. These valves function like a power outlet for your central vacuum hose, wand, and cleaner head accessories to perform routine home-cleaning. These different valves help you interact with your central vacuum in very distinct ways.

Regular Valves

Regular inlet valves (pictured above) have no visible power connector on the front face of the valve. Regular valves have a low-voltage connection which turns on your central vacuum power unit when you connect your hose. There isn't any extra wiring that can generate enough power for electric hoses, wands, and cleaner heads. These inlets can still function with "pigtail" hoses to provide the benefits of powered accessories, however.

Super Valves

Super Valves (pictured above) have a visible connection for direct power for electric accessories. These connections are visible as two pin-holes above the hose connection. This is a 110 connection so you will not have to purchase a "pigtail" accessories kit if you'd like to enjoy the benefits of electric accessories.


Kickplates are very different than the two valves listed above. Kickplates are designed for rooms with hard flooring like kitchens. These inlets are designed to sweep dust, dirt, or rubbish directly into your central vacuum system without having to connect any special accessories. Simply "kick" open the inlet and the low-voltage connection will turn on your central vacuum system and sweep away debris directly into the system.

Need Help With Your Central Vac?

If you have any questions about your Central Vacuum Wall Inlet Valves, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you determine which inlet valve you need, or help you diagnose issues with your current valves.