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Central Vacuum Pipes and Fittings Information:

In most cases many Central Vacuum Owners will never have to interact with their homes pipes and fittings. But there are circumstances when pipes and fittings crack, warp, or break and need to be replaced. The PVC piping used in contjuction with your Central Vacuum Power Unit are specifically designed and smoothed for Central Vac applications. Trying to use standard pvc pipes and fittings will eventually cause clogs in your system and will have to be replaced. Make sure you're getting the right kind!

Central Vac Wiring

In almost every circumstance, if you're in need of wiring for your central vacuum you're looking for low-voltage wiring. These wires connect your wall inlet valves to your power unit and send a signal to turn on your machine when hoses are connected to your machine. This saves you time by not having to run to your garage to manually turn on your machine every time you want to vacuum the floor. This wiring is also used in kickplates as well and function in the same manner.

Installation Kits

Not only do we carry parts for your existing central vacuum systems, but we have all the parts you need to install a central vac from start to finish. These kits will come with every component you will need to install a central vacuum system. Before ordering a new system, make sure you have a plan where to install your wall inlets. You may want an extra one for the garage, or even outside on the patio. Let us know if you're planning on installing a new system and we can help you determine what the proper