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More Information about Central Vacuum Kits.

 A Central Vacuum Kit or Package is one of the most important components of your Central Vacuum System. For the most part, you'll interact with these pieces of your machine much more frequently than your power unit, wiring, pipes, and inlets. Having the right Central Vacuum components is key when it comes to accomplishing your cleaning goals. 

Electric vs. non-electric Central Vacuum Kits. 

Do you have a powered Central Vacuum Kit? Many Central Vacuums operate on low-voltage wiring which provides power to your hose, wand, and cleaner head. Powered Central Vac Kits have some great advantages, but it doesn't mean non-powered kits perform poorly; they just work differently. 

Which kit is right for me? 

Making sure you buy the correct Kit for your machine is paramount. In some cases components in these kits are interchangeable, but due to the vast amount of manufacturers, styles, and systems, it's sometimes hard to tell what's going to work for your machine. Also, if you've had the same hose, wand, or cleaner head for years and one goes out, replacing one aspect of an aging kit may work well for you, but in some cases mixing old equipment with new equipment can reduce the lifespan of all components. 

Should I replace my entire kit? 

We typically recommend replacing the entire kit when shopping for Central Vacuum Accessories. We can help match you with the correct Central Vac Kit that's going to provide the best cleaning experience for your needs, and you won't have to worry if the parts you ordered are going to function correctly with your existence components. But ordering an entire kit isn't always necessary, we can help you make the decision that works best for you. 

Feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding your Central Vac, Central Vac Accessories, or if you're just looking for a little help with diagnosing a problem!