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Bissell ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner Repair Guide

Like every machine, certain issues may arise that need to be fixed. Here's a list of the common issues you may run into, and the solutions to them.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner Front View
Bissell ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner Back View

Brushes Not Spinning

The Belts are off or broken Turn off the power and unplug the machine. Follow the instructions in our Bissell ProHeat 2X Belt Replacement Guide
The Unit is Upright The brushes will only rotate when the machine is not locked in upright position. Recline the machine.
Circuit Breaker has been Tripped Turn off the machine, check the brushes for large objects, blockages, or congestion. Once complete, reset the circuit by unplugging/replugging the machine.

Machine is Leaking

Tank Not Seated Properly Remove the tank and re-seat it to ensure a tight, proper seal to the machine. This should limit leaks. If problem persists, move on to next steps.
Crack in the Tank If your tank has been damaged, your tank will most likely leak clean water or solution. The tank should be replaced.
Cracked Hoses or Tubing Place the machine on a dry surface and inspect for location of leaks. The tubing or hoses may be the culprit. Isolate the issue view the Bissell Proheat 2X parts diagram for the correct replacement parts

Cleaner Not Picking Up Solution

Tank not properly seated Remove the tank and re-seat it so it fits tightly into the machine.
Solution Tank is empty If your 2X Solution tank is empty, your machine will fail to operate correctly. Turn off and refill the solution tank.
Water tank is empty If the Heavy Duty Clean Water Bladder is empty, your machine will fail to operate correctly. Turn off power and empty the dirty tank and fill bladder.
Dirty Water Full Your machine will stop collecting dirty water if your machine is full. The Red Float Door will engage when full.
"Float Door" engaged If you accidentally bump the float door, it can engage without the tank being full. Check the float door. Turn the machine off to reset.

Leaving Dirt Behind the Machine

Brushes not Functioning Properly You may have broken or slipped belts. Your brushes may also be congested or worn out. Follow Steps in Bissell Proheat 2X Brush Replacement Guide
Clogged Front Nozzle
Remove the front nozzle and rinse any dirt or congestion from the nozzle and the machine.
Tank Improperly Seated Re-seat the tank to ensure a tight seal.