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Admiral 1171WJ-30

Admiral 1171WJ-30 Range
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Admiral 1171WJ-30

1. Range Surface Burner Grate, 4-Pack WPL-12500055
3. Cooktop Burner Knob Set, 4-Pack WPL-12500061
4. Range Screw WPL-WP7101P126-60
2. Hinge WPL-7106P017-60
3A. Nameplate WPL-7719P008-60
5. Top, Main St WPL-2001W066-30
5A. Top, Main Wh WPL-2001W066-81
5B. Top, Main Al WPL-2001W066-84
6. Control Trim WPL-7720P132-60
6A. Use And Care Manual WPL-8112P030-60
6B. Control Trim WPL-7720P127-60

Admiral 1171WJ-30

10. Range Screw WPL-WP7101P126-60
10A. Range Screw WPL-WP7101P126-60
1. Baffle WPL-3601F185-51
2. Burner WPL-4011F140-23
3. Burner WPL-7505P160-60
4. Burner WPL-7505P161-60
5. Pilot Burner WPL-7505P159-60
5A. Burner Cover WPL-7724P004-60
6. Filter Pilot WPL-7507P001-60
7. Nut Pal WPL-7103P110-60
8. Manifold Pipe WPL-7513P059-60
9. Pressure Regulator WPL-7510P017-60
11. Screw Control WPL-7101P043-60
12. Support Pilot WPL-3604F065-45
14. Burner Support WPL-3807F101-34
15. Flash Tube WPL-7506P012-60
16. Top Burner Valve WPL-7502P023-60
16A. Burner Valve WPL-7502P024-60
16B. Valve WPL-7502P120-60
16C. Hi Me Valve WPL-7502P121-60
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Whirlpool/Magic Chef Knob Kit (4Pack) #WPL-12500061
Whirlpool/Magic Chef Knob Kit (4Pack) #WPL-12500061
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