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Agitator Unit AC84RBZEZ000
Belt AC28SJPZ00
Dust Bag (Electrostatic) AC16KJYZ00
Bulb AC28GADFZ00
Exhaust Filter (HEPA) AC30KATWZ00
Secondary Filter (Foam) AC37KAJDZ00


01. Dust Compartment Unit AC78KBJEZV07
02. Lead Wire AC44GYVZU00
03. Cord Stopper AMC62E-J20
04. Screw (Cord Stopper) AXTN4+16BFY
05. Power Cord AC97EADG1V06
06. Wire Connector AMC-1CTCE23
07. Packing (Dust Compartment) AC66KAJFZ00
08. Switch Cover AC03EAJDZV06
09. Screw (Switch Cover) AXTN4+16BFY
10. Crevice Tool AC60RZFZVU6
11. Packing (Suction Inlet) AC64HAMMZ00
12. Lead Wire AC44GTDZU00
13. Front Cover AC21TAJDZV07
14. Secondary Filter (Foam) AC37KAJDZ00
15. Wheel AMC01C-V00U
16. Shaft (Wheel) AC16CUSZ00
17. Stopper (Wheel) AC74SUSZ00
18. Washer (Wheel) AXWG6E115FY
19. Dust Bag (Electrostatic) AC16KJYZ00
20. Protector Cover AC68KAJDZV06
21. Protector AC69KJMZV06
22. Protector Spring (Red) AC70KAGZZR00
23. Screw (Front Cover) AXTN4+16BFY
24. On-Off Switch AC01EYVZV06
25. Handle Screw AC73BZAZ00
26. Packing (Right) AC39AAJFZV00
27. Packing (Left) AC40AYUZV00
28. Dust Cover AC60KCRPZCU2
29. Wire Cord AMC37G-V200U
30. Exhaust Filter (HEPA) AC30KATWZ00
31. Hose AC84PASKZV06
32. Dusting Brush AC88RYUZV06
33. Extension Wand (Without Tabs) AC40PZG1V06
34. Handle AC64BAJDZV07
35. Handle Cap AC76BAJDZV07
36. Upper Cord Storage Hook AC53EZAZV07
37. Wand (With Tabs) AC40PJPZV06
38. Hose Ring AC43PAFXZV07
39. Handle Assembly AC95BAJDZV07
40. Wand Holder AC70PAJDZV07
41. Screw, Wand Holder AXTN4+16BFY


01. Nozzle Housing AC01ACRPZCU2
02. Window AC21HAFVZ00
03. Shaft (Plastic) AMC25S-V00
04. Furniture Guard AC10AAGZZV07
05. Light Cover AC24HAFVZC02
06. Screw (Light Cover) AXTN4+20BFY
07. Carpet/Bare Floor Release Assembly AC92BAFWZU01
08. Spring (Pedal) AC58AAFVZ00
09. Shaft (Pedal) AMC51A-V30
10. Screw (Pedal/Frame Assembly) AXTN4+14BFY
11. Pedal (Black) AMC47A-2V0U
12. Foot Pedal Cover AC42AAFYZV06
13. Belt AC28SJPZ00
14. Lower Plate Assembly AC91AAKWZV07
15. Lower Plate AC27AAKWZV07
16. Packing (Lower Plate) AC19AARKZV00
17. Belt Cover AC43SAFVZ00
18. Screw (Slider Support) AC68AZAZ00
19. Nozzle Hose AC34PAJDZV06
20. Slider Support AC53KAFVZ00
21. Screw (Slider Support) AXTN4+16BFY
22. Socket (Bulb) AC93HURZ00
23. Bulb AC28GADFZ00
24. Body (Lower Plate) AC06AAJUZ00
25. Screw (Lower Plate) AC68AZAZ00
26. Packing (Nozzle) AC04RAFWZ00
27. Screw (Lower Plate) AXTN4+16BFY
28. Spring (Shifter Return) AC81HAGZZ00
29. Wheel AC90QNGZV06
30. Shaft (Wheel) AC16CNXZ00
31. Agitator Unit AC84RBZEZ000


01. Motor Support, Rubber (Front) AMC02F-E00
02. Fan Motor Unit AC92FAWRZ00
03. Carbon Brush Assembly AC69RAKEZ00
04. Screw (Carbon Brush Assembly) AC68AAKEZ00
05. Ring Spacer AC53MAKEZ00
06. Motor Support, Rubber (Rear) AC03FAFVZ00
07. Noise Suppressor AMC99G-L310X
08. Wire Connector AMC-1CTCE23
09. Packing (Rear Cover) AC02LBESZ00
10. Motor Case AC09FBESZV07
11. Screw (Motor Case) AXTN4+16BFY
12. Fuse Assembly AC99WBDNZ00
13. Lead Wire AC38GARTZ00
14. Plastic Holder AC78NZAZ00

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Panasonic Screw (Handle Assembly) Panasonic Packing (Right)
Panasonic Screw (Handle Assembly) #AC73BZAZ00
List Price $5.18
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Panasonic Packing (Right) #AC39AAJFZV00
List Price $5.21
Sale Price 4.34
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Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate) Panasonic Nozzle Packing
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate) #AC19AARKZV00
List Price $5.46
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Panasonic Nozzle Packing #AC04RAFWZ00
List Price $5.57
Sale Price 4.64
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Panasonic Screw (Carbon Brush Assembly) Panasonic Lead Wire (Black)
Panasonic Screw (Carbon Brush Assembly) #AC68AAKEZ00
List Price $6.22
Sale Price 5.18
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Panasonic Lead Wire (Black) #AC44GYVZU00
List Price $6.36
Sale Price 5.30
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Panasonic Screw (Motor Case) Panasonic Screw (Pedal/Frame Assembly)
Panasonic Screw (Motor Case) #AXTN4+20BFY
List Price $6.36
Sale Price 5.30
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Panasonic Screw (Pedal/Frame Assembly) #AXTN4+14BFY
List Price $6.43
Sale Price 5.36
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Panasonic Protector Spring Panasonic Wheel
Panasonic Protector Spring #AC70KAGZZR00
List Price $6.76
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Panasonic Wheel #AMC01C-V00U
List Price $6.76
Sale Price 5.63
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