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A-1. Nozzle Housing AC01ABYZZMU9
A-2. Window AMC21H-2X0
A-3. Shaft (Plastic) AMC25S-V00
A-4. Furniture Guard AC10A2VZV07
A-5. Packing (Nozzle) AMC81A-V00
A-6. Frame AMC43A-2V0
A-7. Spring (Pedal) AMC58A-2V0
A-8. Nozzle Hose AC34PAJDZV06
A-9. Pedal AMC47A-2V0U
A-10. Screw (Frame) AXTN4+16BFY
A-11. Beit AC28SJPZ00
A-12. Lower Plate Assembly AC91AADGZ00
A-13. Lower Plate (Includes A-32 Label) AC27AADGZ00
A-14. Belt Cover (Rear) AMC11S-2V0W
A-15. Stop Latch Spring AC70NYUZ00
A-16. Latch AMC68N-V30K
A-17. Bulb Socket AC93HURZ00
A-18. Pedal Shaft AMG51A-2V0
A-19. Spacer AMC74S-Z1O0G
A-21. Screw (Spacer) AXTN4+28BFY
A-22. Reflector AC84HURZW00
A-23. Screw (Nozzle) AMC68A-V30
A-24. Bulb AC28GADFZ00
A-25. Spring (Washer) AMC-XWA5BFY
A-26. Agitator Holder AMC82A-2V0
A-27. Screw (Bulb Socket) AXTN4+10BFY
A-28. Washer AMC58B-F70
A-29. Packing (Lower Plate Right) AMC39A-2V0
A-30. Packing (Lower Plate Back) AMC74A-2V0
A-31. Hose Supporter AMC24P-2V0
A-32. Warning Label AC07ZADFZ00
A-33. Packing (Lower Plate Front) AC74AAAEZ00


B-1. Agitator Assembly AC92SBYYZ000
B-2. Brush (3 Pes.) AC65RBYYZ000
B-3. Agitator Pulley AC29SBYYZ000
B-4. Agitator Holder AC41SBVNZ000
B-5. Filler AC44KBVNZ000
B-6. Brush Support (Left) AC96DBVNZ000
B-7. Brush Support (Right) AC97DBVNZ000
B-8. Agitator Shaft AC57RBYYZ000
B-9. Ring-Clip AC23FBVNZ000
B-10. Agitator AC56RBVNZ000


C-1. Dust Compartment (Includes C-49 and C-50 Packing) AC78KARSZV07
C-2. Wand Holder AC70PJPZV07
C-3. Screw (Wand Holder) AXTN4+16BFY
C-4. On-Off Switch AMC98E-V010U
C-5. Cord Stopper AMC62E-J20
C-6. Screw (Cord Stopper) AXTN4+16BFY
C-7. Power Cord AC97EAEEZV06
C-8. Wire Connector AMC-1CTCE23
C-9. Packing (Dust Container) AC66KV01V06
C-10. Switch Cover AC03EV07V06
C-11. Packing (Swiich Cover) AC73KV0ZV06
C-12. Screw (Switch Cover) AXTN4+16BFY
C-13. Handle Screw AMC73B-V00
C-14. Nut (Handle Screw) AMP21B-170
C-15. Filter Supporter AMC32K-V00
C-16. Secondary Filter (HEPA) AC37KAAEZ00
C-17. Wheel AMC01C-V00U
C-18. Shaft (Wheel) AC16CUSZ00
C-19. Stopper (Wheel) AC74SUSZ00
C-20. Washer AXWG6E115FY
C-21. Dust Bag (Type U6) AC16KJYZ00
C-22. Hose Hook AC53RJPZV06
C-23. Cover (Suction Inlet) AC02HYUZV06
C-24. Screw (Suction Inlet) AXTN4+16BFY
C-25. Motor Case AC09FARSZV07
C-26. Packing (Rear Cover) AMC02L-V00
C-27. Packing (Motor Case) AC19FARSZV06
C-28. Screw (Motor Case) AXTN4+20BFY
C-29. Fan Motor Unit AC92FARSZ00
C-30. Carbon Brush AC69RAKEZ00
C-31. Screw, Brush (Not Illustrated) AC68AAKEZ00
C-32. Noise Suppressor AC99GAMMZ00
C-33. Motor Support (Front) AMC02F-E00
C-34. Motor Support Rubber (Rear) AMC03F-V00
C-35. Wire Cord AMC37G-V200U
C-36. Wire Connector AMC-1CTCE23
C-37. Handle AMC64B-V2Z00
C-38. Upper Cord Storage Hook AC53EV0ZV07
C-39. Hose Holder AC23PJP1V07
C-40. Spring (Cord Hook) AMC76N-F70
C-41. Washer (Cord Storage Hook) AMC58B-F70
C-42. Lower Cord Storage Hook AC54EV0ZV07
C-43. Screw (Cord Storage Hook) AXTN4+30BFY
C-44. Dust Cover AC60KBYZZMU9
C-45. Hose AC84PJPZV06
C-46. Dusting Brush ACS8RYUZV06
C-47. Crevice Tool AC60RZFZVU6
C-48. Wand (With Tabs) AC40PJPZV06
C-49. Wand (Extension) AC40PZG1V06
C-50. Packing (Insulator) AC61LAGMZ00
C-51. Packing (Right) AC39AARSZV00
C-52. Packing (Left) AC40AARSZV00
C-53. Lead (Indicator) AMC03M-6SZR0
C-54. Spring (indicator) AC04MRFZ00
C-55. Body (Indicator) AC15MVZ00
C-56. Cap (Indicator) AMC17M-V20
C-57. Packing (Indicator) AMC09M-L30
C-58. Screw (Indicator) AXTN4+10BFY
C-59. Ring Spacer AC53MAKEZ00
C-60. Lead Wire (Motor) AC38GARTZ00
C-61. Thermal Protector Unit AC98WAUDZ00

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Panasonic Screw (Spacer) Panasonic Screw
Panasonic Screw (Spacer) #AXTN4+28BFY
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Panasonic Spring (Washer) Panasonic Washer (Cord Hook)
Panasonic Spring (Washer) #AMC-XWA5BFY
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Panasonic Washer (Cord Hook) #AMC58B-F70
List Price $3.64
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Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate) Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Back)
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate) #AMC39A-2V0
List Price $4.44
Sale Price 3.70
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Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Back) #AMC74A-2V0
List Price $4.97
Sale Price 4.14
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Panasonic Packing (Right) Panasonic Packing (Left)
Panasonic Packing (Right) #AC39AARSZV00
List Price $5.00
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Panasonic Packing (Left) #AC40AARSZV00
List Price $5.09
Sale Price 4.24
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Panasonic Rear Cover Packing Panasonic Packing
Panasonic Rear Cover Packing #AMC02L-V00
List Price $5.15
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Panasonic Packing #AC61LAGMZ00
List Price $5.33
Sale Price 4.44
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