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1. Nut GEH-WB01X10036
2. Washer GEH-WB01X10037
3. Reflector GEH-WB07X10096
5. Emitter Assm GEH-WB21X10022
8. Burner Assm GEH-WB21X10023
9. Venturi Burner Base Asm GEH-WB02X10482
12. Regulator-n.g. GEH-WB21X10010
14. Valve Panel GEH-WB07X10098
15. Piezo Igniter GEH-WB02X10444
18. Orifice Nat. Gas GEH-WB02X10484
21. Safety Valve Burner GEH-WB21X10024
22. Pilot Assm Nat. GEH-WB02X10483
25. Flared Adapter GEH-WB02X10378
26. Thermocouple GEH-WB02X10450
27. Manifold GEH-WB02X10452
28. Lower Screen Cone GEH-WB02X10445
29. Test Point GEH-WB02X10454
31. Knob GEH-WB03X10023
32. Brkt Valve Spt GEH-WB02X10455
35. Post Lower GEH-WB02X10488
38. Side Cover GEH-WB36X10029
39. Post Cover GEH-WB36X10030
999. Use And Care Manual GEH-49-8833
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Flared Adapter #GEH-WB02X10378 General Electric Lower Screen Cone #GEH-WB02X10445
General Electric Flared Adapter #GEH-WB02X10378
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General Electric Lower Screen Cone #GEH-WB02X10445
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General Electric Regulator-N G #GEH-WB21X10010
General Electric Regulator-N G #GEH-WB21X10010
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