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GE JE1640WB003

GE JE1640WB003
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GE JE1640WB003

1. Tray-cooking Glass GEH-WB49X690
2. Assy Guide Roller GEH-WB06X10181
3. Outer Case-white GEH-WB56X2194
4. Assy-door GEH-WB55X10246
5. Door-c GEH-WB55X10247
6. Door-a GEH-WB55X10248
7. Door Screen GEH-WB06X10190
8. Key Door GEH-WB10X10020
9. Spring-key GEH-WB09X10004
10. Assy Door-e GEH-WB55X10249
11. Door Film GEH-WB06X10183
13. Wire Harness-a GEH-WB18X10081
15. Spring-button GEH-WB09X10009
16. Membrane Panel GEH-WB27X10282
17. Pcb-main Ass'y GEH-WB27X10596
18. Crystal GEH-WB36X953
19. Control Panel GEH-WB07X10233
20. Push Button GEH-WB03X10064
22. Switch-micro GEH-WB24X829
23. Micro S/w GEH-WB24X10039
24. Body Latch GEH-WB06X10184
25. Lever Switch GEH-WB06X10185
26. Lever Door GEH-WB06X10186
27. Cover-air GEH-WB06X10187
28. Lamp-incandescent GEH-WB36X10002
29. Thermostat GEH-WB21X536
30. Magnetron GEH-WB27X10516
31. Assy Power Cord GEH-WB18X10082
32. Bracket-h.v.c. GEH-WB6X537
33. Coil(h.v.cap.) GEH-WB27X10280
34. High Voltage Trans GEH-WB27X10619
35. Cover-mgt GEH-WB06X10550
36. Base Plate GEH-WB06X10189
37. Foot GEH-WB6X540
38. Motor-drive GEH-WB26X10041
39. Flame Sensor GEH-WB27X10985
41. Fuse-cartridge GEH-WB27X10388
42. Diode Hv Asm GEH-WB27X1160
43. Fuse-holder GEH-WB06X10050
48. Assy Fan Motor GEH-WB26X10118
9999. User Manual GEH-49-40074
9999. Mini-manual GEH-31-20924
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Button Push #GEH-WB03X10064 General Electric Fuse Holder #GEH-WB06X10050
General Electric Button Push #GEH-WB03X10064
Our Price: $19.13
Sale Price: 15.94
You save $3.19!
General Electric Fuse Holder #GEH-WB06X10050
Our Price: $13.96
Sale Price: 11.63
You save $2.33!
Usually ships within 7 days Currently Unavailable
General Electric Guide Roller Assembly #GEH-WB06X10181 General Electric Door Film #GEH-WB06X10183
General Electric Guide Roller Assembly #GEH-WB06X10181
Our Price: $41.76
Sale Price: 34.80
You save $6.96!
General Electric Door Film #GEH-WB06X10183
Our Price: $22.21
Sale Price: 18.51
You save $3.70!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Latch-Body #GEH-WB06X10184 General Electric Switch-Lever #GEH-WB06X10185
General Electric Latch-Body #GEH-WB06X10184
Our Price: $28.07
Sale Price: 23.39
You save $4.68!
General Electric Switch-Lever #GEH-WB06X10185
Our Price: $11.11
Sale Price: 9.26
You save $1.85!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Door Lever #GEH-WB06X10186 General Electric Cover-Air #GEH-WB06X10187
General Electric Door Lever #GEH-WB06X10186
Our Price: $14.74
Sale Price: 12.28
You save $2.46!
General Electric Cover-Air #GEH-WB06X10187
Our Price: $22.14
Sale Price: 18.45
You save $3.69!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Currently Unavailable
General Electric Door Screen #GEH-WB06X10190 General Electric Spring Key #GEH-WB09X10004
General Electric Door Screen #GEH-WB06X10190
Our Price: $88.80
Sale Price: 74.00
You save $14.80!
General Electric Spring Key #GEH-WB09X10004
Our Price: $7.78
Sale Price: 6.48
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Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days