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10. Capacitor, Compressor GEH-WJ20X715
11. Capacitor Motor-fan 250v GEH-WJ20X714
20. Overload, Compressor GEH-WJ23X351
25. Motor, Fan GEH-WJ94X10052
31. Metal Screen GEH-WJ71X10106
35. Rom Thermostat GEH-WJ28X273
40. Shutter Angle Up GEH-WJ66X518
41. Bracket, Control GEH-WJ66X10028
42. Bracket-installation GEH-WJ66X519
45. Main Switch GEH-WJ26X295
55. Air Filter GEH-WJ85X10017
60. Knob Therm & Main Switch GEH-WJ12X256
65. Knob Spring GEH-WJ2X586
70. Power Cord GEH-WJ35X208
100. Compressor Replacement GEH-WJ98X1079
110. Condenser Replacement GEH-WJ88X315
120. Evaporator Asm GEH-WJ87X341
160. Cap Tube Cut To 36" GEH-WJ53X130
180. Blower Indoor GEH-WJ74X163
181. Fan Bolt GEH-WJ01X10090
186. Evaporator Plate GEH-WJ79X568
187. Scroll Top GEH-WJ71X2369
188. Scroll Bottom GEH-WJ71X2368
189. Assy Bulkhead GEH-WJ71X10108
190. Fan Outdoor GEH-WJ73X170
196. Condenser Shroud GEH-WJ76X331
200. Clip Grille "b" GEH-WJ2X578
200. Front Grille GEH-WJ71X10107
208. Horizontal Louver GEH-WJ71X2379
310. Escutcheon GEH-WJ07X10027
320. Drip Tray GEH-WJ70X377
332. Closure Channel Lh Asm GEH-WJ68X211
342. Closure Channel Rh Asm GEH-WJ68X210
360. Damper Door GEH-WJ70X376
364. Lever Damper GEH-WJ14X176
402. Grommet, Compressor GEH-WJ1X956
407. Terminal Cover GEH-WJ79X604
500. Screw-grille,wht GEH-WJ1X960
600. Cabinet Assembly GEH-WJ90X10014
616. Condenser Cover GEH-WJ79X0571
709. Heat Sink GEH-WJ2X572
713. Clamp Capacitor GEH-WJ3X360
800. Strap Cond Cover GEH-WJ65X407
850. Cabinet Seal:left/right GEH-WJ43X476
9999. Installation Kit GEH-WJ86X216
9999. Mini-manual GEH-31-60521
9999. Use & Care Book GEH-49-7376
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Scroll Bottom #GEH-WJ71X2368 General Electric Scroll Top #GEH-WJ71X2369
General Electric Scroll Bottom #GEH-WJ71X2368
Our Price: $48.20
Sale Price: 40.17
You save $8.03!
General Electric Scroll Top #GEH-WJ71X2369
Our Price: $37.70
Sale Price: 31.42
You save $6.28!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Horizontal Louver #GEH-WJ71X2379 General Electric Fan Outdoor #GEH-WJ73X170
General Electric Horizontal Louver #GEH-WJ71X2379
Our Price: $33.42
Sale Price: 27.85
You save $5.57!
General Electric Fan Outdoor #GEH-WJ73X170
Our Price: $103.22
Sale Price: 86.02
You save $17.20!
Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Blower Indr #GEH-WJ74X163 General Electric Evap Plate #GEH-WJ79X568
General Electric Blower Indr #GEH-WJ74X163
Our Price: $60.34
Sale Price: 50.28
You save $10.06!
General Electric Evap Plate #GEH-WJ79X568
Our Price: $28.16
Sale Price: 23.47
You save $4.69!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Evaporat Assembly #GEH-WJ87X341 General Electric Conden Repl #GEH-WJ88X315
General Electric Evaporat Assembly #GEH-WJ87X341
Our Price: $144.78
Sale Price: 120.65
You save $24.13!
General Electric Conden Repl #GEH-WJ88X315
Our Price: $160.94
Sale Price: 134.12
You save $26.82!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Cabinet Assembly #GEH-WJ90X10014 General Electric Motor Fan #GEH-WJ94X10052
General Electric Cabinet Assembly #GEH-WJ90X10014
Our Price: $117.22
Sale Price: 97.68
You save $19.54!
General Electric Motor Fan #GEH-WJ94X10052
Our Price: $169.80
Sale Price: 141.50
You save $28.30!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days