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1. Condenser Asm GEH-WJ88X0314
2. Evaporator Asm GEH-WJ87X340
3. Tube-capillary GEH-WJ53X0228
4. Compressor Kit GEH-WJ98X1070
5. Terminal Cover GEH-WJ79X589
6. Overload W/jumper Wire GEH-WJ23X353
7. Olp Spring GEH-WJ2X579
8. Gasket GEH-WJ43X0469
9. Bracket Washer GEH-WJ01X0938
10. Washer Compressor Mount GEH-WJ01X0867
11. Grommet, Compressor GEH-WJ01X0937
12. Grille Screw GEH-WB01X0884
13. Main Switch GEH-WJ26X266
14. Thermostat GEH-WJ28X285
15. Control Box GEH-WJ79X590
16. Evap Casing GEH-WJ79X0591
17. Cover Evap Casing GEH-WJ79X0592
18. Asm Bulk Head GEH-WJ76X0337
19. Cond Casing GEH-WJ79X0593
20. Blower GEH-WJ74X169
21. Fan Motor GEH-WJ94X617
22. Fan GEH-WJ73X176
23. Front Grille Asm GEH-WJ71X2356
25. Filter GEH-WJ85X174
26. Knob GEH-WJ12X247
28. Capacitor Dual GEH-WJ20X648
29. Capacitor Clamp GEH-WJ03X0370
30. Cabinet GEH-WJ90X192
31. Metal Screen GEH-WJ71X2343
32. Basepan Asm GEH-WJ89X0141
33. Terminal Cover Nut GEH-WJ1X942
34. Hex Nut GEH-WJ01X0943
35. Plate Reinf GEH-WJ65X0410
36. Bkt Evap Cover GEH-WJ65X0411
37. Lf Shutter Guard Asm GEH-WJ68X205
38. Rf Shutter Guard Asm GEH-WJ68X0206
40. Shutter Ang Top GEH-WJ66X510
41. Power Cord GEH-WJ35X206
9999. Installation Sack Asm GEH-WJ68X220
9999. Installation Parts Asm GEH-WJ68X221
9999. Use And Care Manual GEH-49-7292
9999. Mini Manual GEH-31-8844
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Fan #GEH-WJ73X176 General Electric Blower #GEH-WJ74X169
General Electric Fan #GEH-WJ73X176
Our Price: $77.76
Sale Price: 64.80
You save $12.96!
General Electric Blower #GEH-WJ74X169
Our Price: $80.89
Sale Price: 67.41
You save $13.48!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Fan Motor #GEH-WJ94X617 General Electric Compressor Kit #GEH-WJ98X1070
General Electric Fan Motor #GEH-WJ94X617
Our Price: $193.61
Sale Price: 161.34
You save $32.27!
General Electric Compressor Kit #GEH-WJ98X1070
Our Price: $229.68
Sale Price: 191.40
You save $38.28!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WJ20X648 General Electric Main Switch #GEH-WJ26X266
General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WJ20X648
Our Price: $189.73
Sale Price: 158.11
You save $31.62!
General Electric Main Switch #GEH-WJ26X266
Our Price: $143.83
Sale Price: 119.86
You save $23.97!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Thermostat #GEH-WJ28X285
General Electric Thermostat #GEH-WJ28X285
Our Price: $41.08
Sale Price: 34.23
You save $6.85!
Usually ships within 7 days