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2. Cabinet GEH-WK90X10008
3. Barrier Asm GEH-WK76X10009
4. Shroud Asm GEH-WK76X10010
5. Tank Asm Bucket GEH-WK10X10008
6. Cover Asm Display GEH-WK26X10015
7. Filter(mech) Air GEH-WK85X10007
8. Motor Asm Single GEH-WK94X10009
9. Evaporator Asm GEH-WK87X10016
10. Condenser Asm GEH-WK88X10015
11. Fan Blade GEH-WK73X10004
12. Mount Motor GEH-WK65X10002
13. Sensor Asm GEH-WK23X10015
14. Micro Switch Asm GEH-WK10X10006
15. Front Grille Asm GEH-WK71X10017
16. Rear Grille GEH-WK71X10016
17. Power Cord Asm GEH-WK35X10008
18. Handle GEH-WK05X10004
19. Caster Asm Roller GEH-WK05X10005
20. Drain Connector GEH-WK09X10005
21. Pwb(pcb) Asm Main GEH-WK27X10024
22. Capacitor GEH-WJ20X10118
23. Tube Asm Capillary GEH-WK53X10016
25. Compressor GEH-WK98X10008
26. Bushing GEH-WK01X10019
28. O.l.p GEH-WK23X10014
29. Escutcheon GEH-WK71X10018
9999. Mini Manual GEH-31-61317
9999. Use & Care GEH-49-7545
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Bushing #GEH-WK01X10019 General Electric O.L.P #GEH-WK23X10014
General Electric Bushing #GEH-WK01X10019
Our Price: $8.17
Sale Price: 6.81
You save $1.36!
General Electric O.L.P #GEH-WK23X10014
Our Price: $76.44
Sale Price: 63.70
You save $12.74!
Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Mount Motor #GEH-WK65X10002 General Electric Fan Blade #GEH-WK73X10004
General Electric Mount Motor #GEH-WK65X10002
Our Price: $42.71
Sale Price: 35.59
You save $7.12!
General Electric Fan Blade #GEH-WK73X10004
Our Price: $35.21
Sale Price: 29.34
You save $5.87!
Usually ships within 7 days Currently Unavailable
General Electric Compressor #GEH-WK98X10008 General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WJ20X10118
General Electric Compressor #GEH-WK98X10008
Our Price: $236.14
Sale Price: 196.78
You save $39.36!
General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WJ20X10118
Our Price: $74.57
Sale Price: 62.14
You save $12.43!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days