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Frigidaire RB136CL1

Frigidaire RB136CL1
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Frigidaire RB136CL1

1. Glass Cooktop WCI-3015181
12A. Element Medium WCI-3204914
12B. Element Large WCI-316010206
13A. Switch Surface Unit Medium WCI-5308017080
13B. Switch Surface Unit Large WCI-5308017080
2. Tape Foam WCI-3051889
3. Knob Control (4) WCI-5303015698
4. Bushing Switch (4) WCI-318148900
5. Plate Instrument Mounting WCI-3051602
6. Seal Switch WCI-3015701
7. Light-indicator WCI-3015699
8. Burner Box WCI-3015691
9. Cover Access WCI-3051887
10. Support-element WCI-3015705
11. Spring Element (12) WCI-3015696
12. Element Small (2) WCI-3204913
13. Switch Surface Unit Small (2) WCI-5308017080
14. Trim Cooktop WCI-3204921
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Element #WCI-316010206 Frigidaire Element-surface #WCI-3204913
Frigidaire Element #WCI-316010206
Our Price: $166.28
Sale Price: 138.57
You save $27.71!
Frigidaire Element-surface #WCI-3204913
Our Price: $291.72
Sale Price: 243.10
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Frigidaire Bushing #WCI-318148900 Frigidaire Knob-control #WCI-5303015698
Frigidaire Bushing #WCI-318148900
Our Price: $60.77
Sale Price: 50.64
You save $10.13!
Frigidaire Knob-control #WCI-5303015698
Our Price: $61.12
Sale Price: 50.93
You save $10.19!
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Frigidaire Spring #WCI-3015696
Frigidaire Spring #WCI-3015696
Our Price: $5.86
Sale Price: 4.88
You save $0.98!
Usually ships within 7 days