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Frigidaire PL36WC41EC

Frigidaire PL36WC41EC
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Frigidaire PL36WC41EC

1. Plate,round Duct ,7 Inch Dia. WCI-5304452401
2. Connector,damper/duct WCI-5304454175
3. Screw,hex Head ,8-18 X 1/4 ,2-pk WCI-5304454176
6. Label,control Panel ,black WCI-5304454179
7. Control Panel,black WCI-5304492812
8. Screw,flat Head ,no.6 X 1/2 WCI-5304454183
9. Screw,8-18 X 0.375 WCI-5304454184
10. Screw,ground/earth WCI-5304454185
11. Cover,scroll ,outlet ,w/hardware WCI-5304454186
12. Cover,scroll ,front ,w/hardware WCI-5304454187
14. Chute Assembly,air ,w/15-baffle WCI-5304454190
15. Baffle,air WCI-5304454191
16. Screw,m4 X 6 Mm WCI-5304454192
17. Plate,motor ,w/mounting Kit WCI-5304454193
18. Mounting Kit,motor Plate WCI-5304454194
21. Ring,retainer ,blower Wheel WCI-5304454197
23. Panel,lamp ,36 Inch ,stainless WCI-5304454204
24. Hole Plug WCI-5304454205
26. Spring Kit,filter Retainer WCI-5304454206
F13. Control Assembly,black ,w/6 & 7 WCI-5304492812
F19. Motor,fan ,w/16-screw WCI-5304454195
F20. Blower Wheel,fan ,w/21-ring WCI-5304454196
F22. Receptacle,lamp Socket WCI-5304454198
F28. Transformer,auto ,w/hardware WCI-5304454207
F29. Filter,36 Inch ,aluminum Mesh WCI-5304454209
F30. Blower Wheel Assy,non-ducted WCI-5304454210
F4. Capacitor,motor ,with Hardware WCI-5304454177
F5. Transformer,isolation WCI-5304454178
NI. Nameplate,stainless Steel ,prof. WCI-5304454215
NI. Wiring Harness WCI-5304454211
NI. Fuse,control ,10 Amp WCI-5304454212
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Chute Assembly #WCI-5304454190 Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304454195
Frigidaire Chute Assembly #WCI-5304454190
Our Price: $202.84
Sale Price: 169.03
You save $33.81!
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304454195
Our Price: $403.32
Sale Price: 336.10
You save $67.22!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304454196 Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304454204
Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304454196
Our Price: $205.09
Sale Price: 170.91
You save $34.18!
Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304454204
Our Price: $342.11
Sale Price: 285.09
You save $57.02!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304454207 Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304454209
Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304454207
Our Price: $233.82
Sale Price: 194.85
You save $38.97!
Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304454209
Our Price: $286.20
Sale Price: 238.50
You save $47.70!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Blower Wheel Assembly #WCI-5304454210 Frigidaire Wiring Harness #WCI-5304454211
Frigidaire Blower Wheel Assembly #WCI-5304454210
Our Price: $198.74
Sale Price: 165.62
You save $33.12!
Frigidaire Wiring Harness #WCI-5304454211
Our Price: $228.17
Sale Price: 190.14
You save $38.03!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Control Panel & Ove #WCI-5304492812 Frigidaire Plate #WCI-5304452401
Frigidaire Control Panel & Ove #WCI-5304492812
Our Price: $348.26
Sale Price: 290.22
You save $58.04!
Frigidaire Plate #WCI-5304452401
Our Price: $133.60
Sale Price: 111.33
You save $22.27!
Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days