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Frigidaire MGF240GSA

Frigidaire MGF240GSA
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Frigidaire MGF240GSA

1. Panel,oven Back WCI-5304425318
2. Frame,oven Front WCI-5304462625
3. Bracket,door Spring Mtg ,(2) WCI-5303285746
4. Spring,oven Door ,(2) WCI-5303285924
7. Hinge,oven Door ,rh WCI-5304402777
8. Panel,body Side ,white ,rh/lh ,(2) WCI-5303285710
9. Rack,oven ,(2) WCI-5303285756
10. Box Assembly,top Burner WCI-5303285748
11. Back-main WCI-5303285754
12. Rack,broiler Pan WCI-5303305180
13. Gusset Assembly,base ,rh Front WCI-5304425315
14. Insulation,oven Wrapper WCI-5304462636
15. Cover,module WCI-5304462622
17. Leg,leveling ,(4) WCI-5303285762
20. Seal,heat ,door Frame-side ,(2) WCI-5303285764
21. Seal,heat ,door Frame-top WCI-5303285765
22. Liner-oven Door WCI-5303285730
22A. Baffle,heat ,oven Door WCI-5304462616
23. Panel,oven Door WCI-5304462644
23A. Insulation,oven Door WCI-5304462635
24. Panel,broiler Door WCI-5304462643
25. Liner,broiler Door WCI-5304462640
26. Top,oven WCI-5304462642
27. Tubing,oven Supply WCI-5304462654
28. Floor,oven WCI-5304462624
29. Hinge,broiler Door ,rh WCI-5304462631
30. Panel,manifold WCI-5303304946
31. Handle,broiler Door ,9`` WCI-5304462626
32. Pan-broiler WCI-5303305179
33. Cover,broiler Pan WCI-5303285737
34. Anti-tip Kit WCI-5303285771
35. Locator,maintop ,nylon ,(4) WCI-5304400864
36. Panel,oven Side ,lh WCI-5304425319
37. Panel,oven Side ,rh WCI-5304425317
40. Spreader,flame ,oven Burner WCI-451R001P01
42. Bracket,spark Gap ,(2) WCI-5303285777
43. Cover,door Spring ,(2) WCI-5304416832
44. Support,oven Burner ,front WCI-5304462648
47. Grate,top Burner ,(4) WCI-5303285720
48. Top,main WCI-5304462652
49. Support,top Burner WCI-5303285758
70. Bottom,broiler WCI-5304462617
72. Vent Box WCI-5303285760
73. Gasket-vent Box WCI-5303285761
81. Backguard WCI-5304462614
85. Handle,oven Door ,21`` WCI-5304462627
86. Spacer,handle ,white ,oven Door ,(2) WCI-5303285740
89. Knob,thermostat ,oven WCI-5304462637
94. Knob,valve ,top Burner ,(4) WCI-5304462639
F16. Valve,top Burner ,(4) WCI-5304462659
F18. Valve,oven Safety WCI-5304462655
F19. Ignitor,oven WCI-5304462632
F39. Burner,oven WCI-5304462621
F41. Regulator-pressure WCI-5308007974
F45. Module,spark WCI-5304462641
F57. Burner,top ,front ,(2) WCI-5303297990
F58. Burner,top ,rear ,(2) WCI-5303297991
F68. Pipe,manifold WCI-5304462646
F96. Thermostat,oven WCI-5304462649
NI. Lead,spark Ignitor ,lh WCI-5303285779
NI. Wiring Diagram WCI-5304462660
NI. · Side,burner Box ,rh WCI-5304462619
NI. Kit Assembly,lp Conversion WCI-5304462104
NI. Clip,oven Bulb ,(2) WCI-5303285968
NI. Harness,wiring ,thermostat WCI-5304462628
NI. Saddle,valve Mtg. ,(4) WCI-5304462657
NI. Hinge,oven Door ,lh WCI-5304402778
NI. Baffle,broiler Door WCI-5304462615
NI. Injector,orifice ,top Burner ,(4) WCI-5304462633
NI. Stiffener,body Side ,(2) WCI-5304425316
NI. Gusset Assembly,base ,rear ,(2) WCI-5304425313
NI. Lead,spark Ignitor ,rh WCI-5303285780
NI. Valve,shut-off WCI-5304462656
NI. · Side,burner Box ,lh WCI-5304462618
NI. Harness,wiring ,top Switch WCI-5304462629
NI. Seal,heat ,door Frame-btm WCI-5303285766
NI. Insulation,oven Burner WCI-5303285774
NI. Hinge,broiler Door ,lh WCI-5304462630
NI. Screw,valve Mtg. ,(4) WCI-5304462658
NI. Gusset Assembly,base ,lh Front WCI-5304425314
NI. Cover,safety Valve WCI-5304462623
NI. Cord,power WCI-5304409434
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5303285710 Frigidaire Backguard #WCI-5304462614
Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5303285710
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Frigidaire Backguard #WCI-5304462614
Our Price: $214.92
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Frigidaire Bottom #WCI-5304462617 Frigidaire Burner #WCI-5304462621
Frigidaire Bottom #WCI-5304462617
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Frigidaire Burner #WCI-5304462621
Our Price: $211.50
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Frigidaire Floor #WCI-5304462624 Frigidaire Frame #WCI-5304462625
Frigidaire Floor #WCI-5304462624
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Frigidaire Frame #WCI-5304462625
Our Price: $221.94
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Frigidaire Ignitor #WCI-5304462632 Frigidaire Module #WCI-5304462641
Frigidaire Ignitor #WCI-5304462632
Our Price: $327.62
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Frigidaire Module #WCI-5304462641
Our Price: $224.71
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Frigidaire Top #WCI-5304462642 Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304462644
Frigidaire Top #WCI-5304462642
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Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304462644
Our Price: $202.60
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