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Frigidaire FRA084KT70

Frigidaire FRA084KT70
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Frigidaire FRA084KT70

1. Control Panel,with Overlay WCI-5304477277
3. Cover,control Panel WCI-5304476461
4. Front Assembly,complete Panel WCI-5304477276
5. Panel,front Grille WCI-5304471348
7. Louver,four Way WCI-5304477283
8. Vent,scroll Adapter ,top/front WCI-5304471353
10. Lever,vent Door ,opener WCI-5304477284
11. Door,air Vent Cover WCI-5304471356
14. Control Box WCI-5304476468
15. Cover,control Box WCI-5304476469
19. Strap,capacitor Clamp WCI-5304476471
24. Holder,mounting Plate ,control WCI-5304476251
25. Channel,side Mount ,slide WCI-5304471648
26. Screw Kit,top Rail Mount WCI-5304471644
27. Rail,shutter Track ,top WCI-5304477287
28. Frame,window Panel ,seal WCI-5304477288
29. Hardware Kit,installation WCI-5304471645
30. Seal Kit,window ,foam Strips WCI-5304471646
31. Grille,rear WCI-5304476477
32. Cabinet,wrapper/sleeve WCI-5304477289
33. Shroud,fan Housing ,condenser WCI-5304471367
35. Bulkhead,partition ,front WCI-5304476479
36. Support,motor Mount ,36 WCI-5304477290
37. Panel,scroll ,rear WCI-5304471361
39. Scroll,blower Housing WCI-5304471359
40. Bracket,evaporator ,left WCI-5304476504
46. Tube,capillary WCI-5304477294
47. Bracket,condenser ,left WCI-5304476492
49. Bracket,unit Support ,unit Support ,platform WCI-5304477295
50. Bracket,condenser ,right WCI-5304476495
51. Base,unit Chassis WCI-5304477296
52. Base,compressor WCI-5304476497
53. Bracket,evaporator ,right WCI-5304476512
54. Tray,drain Pan WCI-5304471379
F12. Motor,fan/blower WCI-5304477285
F13. Transformer WCI-5304470989
F16. · Capacitor WCI-5304473971
F17. Pc Board,control ,main WCI-5304476470
F18. Capacitor WCI-5304471195
F2. Pc Board,display/input WCI-5304476460
F20. Remote Control,transmitter WCI-5304476904
F21. Power Cord,electric ,lcdi WCI-5304477286
F22. Thermistor,temp Sensor ,indoor WCI-5304475757
F23. Thermistor,evaporator ,sensor WCI-5304476473
F34. Fan Blade,propeller WCI-5304471366
F38. Blower Wheel,centrifugal Fan WCI-5304471360
F41. Evaporator,with ,capillary Tube WCI-5304477291
F42. Compressor,with Overload WCI-5304476006
F43. Overload Protector,compressor WCI-5304476291
F44. Tube,suction WCI-5304477292
F45. Tube,discharge WCI-5304477293
F48. Condenser WCI-5304476493
F55. Drier-filter WCI-5304476367
F6. Filter,air WCI-5304471327
F9. Support,vent Door WCI-5304476466
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304476006 Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5304476493
Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304476006
Our Price: $511.57
Sale Price: 426.31
You save $85.26!
Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5304476493
Our Price: $217.70
Sale Price: 181.42
You save $36.28!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304477285 Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-5304471367
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304477285
Our Price: $238.92
Sale Price: 199.10
You save $39.82!
Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-5304471367
Our Price: $115.44
Sale Price: 96.20
You save $19.24!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-5304476470 Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304477276
Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-5304476470
Our Price: $130.46
Sale Price: 108.72
You save $21.74!
Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304477276
Our Price: $131.41
Sale Price: 109.51
You save $21.90!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-5304477289 Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304477291
Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-5304477289
Our Price: $145.07
Sale Price: 120.89
You save $24.18!
Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304477291
Our Price: $151.09
Sale Price: 125.91
You save $25.18!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304470989 Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304471195
Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304470989
Our Price: $73.30
Sale Price: 61.08
You save $12.22!
Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304471195
Our Price: $89.52
Sale Price: 74.60
You save $14.92!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days