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Bosch PS20-2A

Bosch 12V Max Pocket Driver
Model: PS20-2A / 3601J92U10 Add to My Models

Bosch PS20-2A

1. Housing Section BSH-2605105106
4. BSH-1607233352
32. Adjusting Slide BSH-2601099153
45. Planetary Gear Train BSH-2606200200
54. Torx SH cap screw BSH-2603414048
70. Pickup Clip BSH-2601250009
91. Slide-In Accu Package BSH-2607336015
101. Torx Oval-Head Screw BSH-2603415206
200. Warning Plate BSH-2601115245
653. Bosch Bulk Bc330 Charger BSH-2607225519
802. DC motor BSH-2607022840
809. Bosch Company Label BSH-2609132009
820. Reference Plate BSH-2601115244
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.