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Bosch B8850

Bosch B8850
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Bosch B8850

1. Motor Housing BLUE BSH-2605108014
2. Field 110-120V BSH-2604220428
3/50. Fan BLACK BSH-1616610072
4. On-Off Switch BSH-2607200180
6. Grommet Ø7,6-Ø8,2x95 MM BSH-2600703013
7. Cable Clip BSH-2601035001
9. Manufacturer's nameplate BSH-3611119517
10. Reference Plate BSH-3611119518
13. Brush Holder BSH-1614449004
14. Brush Holder BSH-1614449005
17. Handle BLACK BSH-1615133022
18. Air-Deflector Ring BSH-1610522008
20. Intermediate Flange BSH-1615700037
21. Ratchet Sleeve SDS-PLUS BSH-1616490058
22. Cylindrical Gear Z=46 BSH-1616320007
23. Cylindrical Gear Z=6/21 BSH-1616320002
24. Toothed Shaft Z=6/10 BSH-1613060010
26. Hammer Piston BSH-1618700052
28. Striker Pin BSH-1613124026
29. Piston Pin BSH-1613105012
30. Drive bearing BSH-1615819005
31. Support Disc 0,8 MM THICK BSH-1610100003
32. Clamp Handle BLACK BSH-1612026023
34. Protective Cap L=17 MM, SDS-PLUS BSH-1610508008
35. Rubber Ring BSH-1610206021
37. Damping Bushing BSH-1610390011
38. Supporting Disc BSH-1610102022
39. Straight Pin BSH-1613100013
40. Holding Spring BSH-1614690001
41. Roller-Cage Assembly BSH-1610920003
43. Brush Plate BSH-2601015047
44. Compression Spring BSH-1614633001
45. Compression Spring BSH-1614614001
48. Connecting Cable L=190 MM WHITE BSH-1614438003
49. Connecting Cable L=190 MM WHITE BSH-1614438003
54. O-Ring 24,0x2,5 MM BSH-1610210068
55. Seal ring BSH-1610206023
56. O-Ring 14,0x3,0 MM BSH-1610210070
58. O-Ring 18,0x3,0 MM BSH-1610210058
59. O-Ring 6,0x2,5 MM BSH-1610210069
60. O-Ring 10,0x3,5 MM BSH-1610210073
61. Rotary shaft lip seal BSH-1610283017
62. Plain bearing BSH-1610202026
65. Ball Bearing BSH-1619P01511
66. Bushing Ø30xØ37x15,7 MM BSH-1610301000
67. Needle bearing Ø6 MM BSH-2600914010
70. Ball DIN 5401-Ø7MM-III-ST BSH-1903230013
71. Shim washer 1,2 MM THICK BSH-1610101011
72. Retaining ring DIN 7993-A32 BSH-2916540018
73. Retaining ring DIN 9045-24 BSH-1614601009
74. Oval-Head Screw DIN 7985-M4x25-8.8 BSH-2910951132
76. Tapping Screw ST-4,8x57,5-TORX,T20 BSH-1613435009
77. Tapping Screw DIN 7981-3,9x19-C-Z-ST BSH-2912401020
78. Tapping Screw DIN 7971-BZ3,5x13 BSH-2910211011
79. Torx Oval-Head Screw 3x10 BSH-2603490017
80. Recessed-Head Screw DIN 7981-ST3,5x9,5-F BSH-2603435015
81. Socket head cap screw M3x6,5-4.8 BSH-2603410001
83. Ball 5 MM V DIN 5401 BSH-1903230309
84. Spring Lock Washer DIN 128-A4-FST BSH-2916690003
87. Retaining ring DIN 7993-A22 BSH-2916540012
88. Connecting Cable L=145 MM GRAY BSH-1614431018
89. Connecting Cable L=80 MM BLUE BSH-1614431019
90. Change-Over Switch BSH-2607200140
94. Detent Pin BSH-1613120017
130. Nameplate CAUTION BSH-1601110449
803. Armature With Fan 110-120V BSH-1614010041
805. Power supply cord USA/CDN 2,15m 2 x 0,82mm SJ 18/2 BSH-3604460555
808. Nameplate 26x52 MM BSH-1601106032
811. Carbon Brush BSH-1617014114
816. Gear Housing BLACK BSH-1615806077
821. Ratchet Sleeve BSH-1617000931
827. Striker BSH-1617000338
833. Protection Sleeve SDS-PLUS BSH-1617000163
863. groove ball bearing 9x24x7 BSH-1610905048
864. groove ball bearing 7x19x6 BSH-1610905025

Bosch B8850

120. Auxiliary Handle M8 BSH-1612025019
121. index turning toolholder Ø43 MM BSH-1618040048
122. T-Head Bolt M8x40 MM BSH-1613490002
123. Clamping Band Ø43 MM BSH-1611316006
123. Clamping Band Ø43 MM BSH-1611316003
124. Straight Pin BSH-1613100012
720. Auxiliary Handle Ø43 MM BSH-2602025070
720/8. Parts Set BSH-1617000925
751. Depth-Gauge SW 6x210 MM BSH-1613001009

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Bosch/Skil Ball Bearing #BSH-1619P01511
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