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Arctic Cove MODF001

Arctic Cove MODF001
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Arctic Cove MODF001

1. Logo Label HM-39461001032
2. Front Housing HM-39461001033
3. Flange HM-39461001034
4. Fan Blade HM-39461001035
5. Screw (M4 x 8 mm) HM-39461001036
6. Main Housing HM-39461001037
7. Motor Assembly HM-39461001038
8. Tube Assembly HM-039461001088
9. Misting Tube Clip HM-39461001099
10. Base HM-39461001100
11. Weight HM-39461001101
12. Lock Washer (ID10 x OD65) HM-39461001102
13. L-Bolt (M10 x 42 mm) HM-39461001103
14. Misting Ring Assembly HM-39461001019
15. Nozzle Assembly HM-19504001136
16. Water Shut Off Valve Assembly HM-39461001112
17. Hex Nut (M2.5) HM-39461001104
18. Screw (M2.5 x 8 mm) HM-39461001105
19. Data Label HM-39461001001
20. Warning Label HM-39461001002
Nl. Operator's Manual HM-990000884
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Homelite Manual Operators Modf001 #HM-990000884 Homelite Tube Assembly #HM-039461001088
Homelite Arctic Cove Manual Operators Modf001 #HM-990000884
Our Price: $4.70
Sale Price: 3.92
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Homelite Tube Assembly #HM-039461001088
Our Price: $24.59
Sale Price: 20.49
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Homelite Misting Tube Clip #HM-39461001099 Homelite Base #HM-39461001100
Homelite Misting Tube Clip #HM-39461001099
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: 12.50
You save $2.50!
Homelite Base #HM-39461001100
Our Price: $21.14
Sale Price: 17.62
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